There have been six (6) calls in the Queensland Parliament for the North to become the 7thState. A 2017 e-petition requested a referendum to be held on separation. The ALP Premier,  Annastacia Palaszczuk, replied:

“ ..the Queensland Government does not support any proposal to split Queensland into separate states.”

Premier, the petition did not ask for the State to be split – it was a request for the people of the North to have their choice!

For too long we have had people from the South-east telling us how to live our lives in the North. It is time for us to pull together, as we have done when we have faced adversity (cyclones, floods, fires), and stand our ground against the Brisbane overlords and demand we have our choice.

The next State election is on the 26th October 2024. We (the NQSA) want a commitment from all political parties that they will establish an independent Commission to establish whether a new State in Central and Northern Queensland is possible, and when and how a referendum will be held.

Give us a hand to make this happen!