About us

Peter Raffles (President)

The initiative to form a separate State in the north of Queensland goes back to the 1890s and the motions moved in the Queensland parliament by representatives from North and Central Queensland wanting to walk their own road. In more recent times, centralist Brisbane decision-making has fuelled the furnace of discontent by people in the north who feel disenfranchised from the management of their own affairs.

In short, we are a movement of people who are not part of any existing political party who believe that –

  • Northern Queenslanders have our own identity, and we should make the decisions that affect us;
  • The government structures in Queensland are totally inadequate to the task of governing a state that covers 1.82 million sq. kms, (twice the size of Western Europe) in which significant population centres are more than 1000 kms from the state capital; and
  • The great strength of our nation lies in its federalism. The creation of a new State of North Queensland will make our nation stronger – i.e. more competitive and more democratic – by spreading power across decision-makers who are closer to the people they represent.